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The UAE’s new unemployment support programme will serve as a “security blanket” for
residents and citizens, and is a progressive measure that gives employees crucial protection,
experts say.

It is aimed at Emirati and foreign employees working in both the private and public

The mandatory programme is scheduled to be introduced in January 2023.

Those who lose their jobs will receive 60 per cent of their basic salary each month — up to
20,000 AED — for a limited period of time to help with living costs. For most, the payment
will be much smaller than the maximum stated.

If the unemployed person does not find employment within a certain period, financial
support will end. The time period for this has not been made clear.

“By introducing such a scheme, the economic resilience of the community will be
highly improved and employees will feel safer about their future and hence more
productive, contributing in return to an improved labour ecosystem.”

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