Mark Wehbe

Mark Wehbe



  • Mark obtained a Bachelor degree in Law and Canonic Law at the University La Sagesse (Lebanon)
  • He also obtained a Master’s degree From Dei Universo Universita Pontificale di Laterano, Thesis in Denial and Recognition of Paternity(Italy)


Mark has extensive experience in Personal Status Law, Inheritance and Will, and Lawsuits in Divorce And Nullity of Marriage for Ecclesiastical Marriage, Civil Marriage, and Islamic Marriage. He also has extensive experience in the material effects arising from them, and Women Rights.

Mark is a specialist in Conflict of Applicable Laws in the Jurisdiction of the Courts.

Mark has extensive experience in the implementation of foreign judgments inside and outside Arab countries,and, in particular, in concluding consensual agreements between parties disputing over the material effects of divorce based on the provisions of the country in which they are to be implemented.